Why you should hire PPC management in India?

PPC Management Company in India helps you to focus on your core business by taking the burden of SEO of your website. They are always keen to provide you customized services within your budget.

The advantages of hiring PPC management in India

  • Experienced PPC staff: – PPC Management Company has professional and experienced team to manage the PPC campaigns effectively. They have adequate manpower to handle the PPC advertisement campaign which an in-house team lacks.
  • Expensive technology: – Companies cannot have expensive database and software systems needed for optimal PPC management. The PPC management provider has state-to-art resources and infrastructure needed for PPC campaign.
  • Affordable rates: – Due to high competition you will get quality services at reasonable prices. You will have to pay the fees for the channels with only little charges of the PPC service provider.

How PPC Management Company works?

PPC Management Company works professionally to manage the project successfully. They first understand the needs of the company, then study the market accordingly then they go they plan strategically the layout of the project which is composed of techniques like Keyword analysis, Channel strategy, Monitoring, Competitive analysis, Negative match, A/B Testing etc.

They discover and target specific keywords, which are most likely used by common searcher on the search engine.  They pay to websites like Google Ad Words, Bing Ads, and paid social media to display your ads. They keep watching the project and analysis the report to decide the bid for queries. They also use optimizing technique by filtering out the users according to their age, location, income and other category to save your money.

Vintage IT India provides PPC management services using the latest technology. They have experienced and professional team to provide remarkable PPC services to their clients. They keep their promises so that their client’s dream can be fulfilled.

How Content Marketing Agency helps in Increases your Brand Awareness?

Content marketing agency creates an impact of the product in the reader’s mind for the product by using the art of writing which allures them to have more knowledge for the product or services and helps in branding the product and company.

Content marketing agency uses text for persuading targeted customers to buy the products and services. The content marketing team with content writers uses their artistic sense for creating, publishing, and distributing valuable, relevant, and consistent content for a targeted audience online in order to attract and retain them which ultimately leads to drive profitable customer action.

According to the recent studies, most of the companies are using content marketing for the purpose of attracting customers. The leading brands like P&G, Microsoft, Cisco Systems, and John Deere etc are using the content marketing as a tool to advertise their product.

How content marketing service agency works to generate brand awareness of your product.

  • Eye Catching: The content marketing agency prepares and presents the product and services in such a manner that it grabs attention to the masses. The merits of product and services are presented like a cake on the silver plate that no one can resist.
  • Expansion of customer base: Vintage IT India, content marketing agencies works on the content on regular basis generating interest in large number of customers. Readers are influenced by the writing and are drawn towards the product offered by the organization. It will not only result in attracting new customers but also helps in retaining the old ones.
  • Generate leads: Content marketing provider strategically plans in sharing valuable free content which create brand loyalty in the long run. It provides valuable information to consumers and persuades them to purchase products from the company in the future. It helps to tap the potential customer and convert into leads by performing actual sales.

Vintage IT India has skilled team for content marketing that creates brand awareness, generate leads and increases sales for your company. Our team works with full potential to provide you best results at affordable rates.

How Local SEO Services in India will Enhance your Businesses

What is Local SEO Marketing?

Local SEO Marketing helps in focusing your business on the account of state, city, region or the local area you are searching for. It improves the visibility of your business on internet in the local market through SEO.

How Local SEO Services helps in enhancing your Business?

Local SEO Service provide in India promotes your product in the local market to gain a prominent presence for the customer searching a local market. Local SEO services use the synergy of variety of marketing strategies to help improving your visibility in the most efficient manner.

Some of the tools and techniques used by Local SEO Services in India to make your product visible to the local customer

  • We help in getting your site listed on various search engines such as Google, Bing etc.
  • We also list your companies on various business directories like Just Dial, Yelp, Google My Business listing, Foursquare, Bing Places for Business page, and Yellow book.
  • We believe in localizing your content which resonance to the locality you select to improve the local search engine results.
  • To improve your promotion our staff incorporates local reviews regarding your business.
  • Our staff uses innovative and focused marketing technique to improve your local visibility.

Vintage IT India has the experienced staff and state-to-art technology to enhance the visibility of your product or services. They have knowledge and take care of every step to make your business successful. They find best Local keywords that suit your business with the optimal usage of keywords for your entire website to get best results. We maintain and update your website regularly. We provide best services to our clients at affordable rates. Our aim is your client’s success.

How Joomla Website Development can Enhance your Business?

Joomla development service is an amazing content management system built in PHP open source. It is flexible, versatile, and user friendly and has tools that can assist in creating some interactive websites. It offers error handling system with its scalability and adaptability features.

How Joomla can benefit your business?

Joomla can benefit your business to a great extent because of its powerful content management system. It is easy to use and it makes your system efficient end effective by employing simpler working system.

Joomla groups multiple users at one time. It also allows setting separate permission of usage. It allows to access, edit, and publish easily and securely. It easily manages your files and folders. It has strong content management system to organize your content, rate your articles, post reviews and even poll your content. It allows e-mailing the content to your friend or social media. It automatically saves a PDF file of your content.

With Joomla development you can promote your website easily. You can campaign your website with Joomla Banner Management, Newsletter Management & Contact Management.

Vintage IT India has pool of professionals that can create brilliant website.  We have developers who have capability of completing the work within the time provided with the quality results of zero run time error.

Vintage IT India develops customize Joomla website that have good search engine visibility. We offer personalized approach to web design with customization theme and maintenance. You will get competitive price and robust and secure website. Your website goal will be fulfilled by our proven methodologies. You will get verifiable testimonials and round the clock technical support for your website. Some of the services offered by vintage IT India for your websites are Joomla Website Design, PSD to Joomla Template, Joomla SEO Service and Joomla 3.0 Services etc.

PPC Management in India

PPC is one of most fantastic way of advertising online as it helps to achieve your desired goal. It targets clients who are searching for the products or services you are offering to them. PPC increases your ranking and enhance your SEO methodology. It is a holistic digital strategy which maximizes your ROI by driving maximum qualified traffic and increasing your visibility.

Advantages of PPC management by Vintage IT India

We have a team of qualified experts who are capable to deliver better and bigger results.

  • PPC Management and Campaign Planning: – Vintage IT, PPC management services in India helps you in achieving your goal. Our expert team has efficiency to manage your marketing campaign through various aspects including keyword search and selection, creating ad copy, optimization of landing pages, conversion tracking, ad submission, PPC cost management, PPC monitoring, campaign improvement and modification and reporting.
  • Enhances local visibility: – Our expert provides profitable results through search engine like Google, Google plus, Bing and Yahoo. PPC team work dedicatedly to drive qualified traffic which helps in maximum brand exposure. We help in optimizing your ROI by planning, analyzing and then executing plans.
  • Process-driven agency: – We are dedicated and use better marketing technology to strictly focus on delivering best results. Our experts help in branding highest conversion rate for your company that allows visitors to approach you. Our PPC team helps in generating more leads for you.
  • Cost-effective method: – PPC management is cost-effective way to compete in market. Our team amalgam your ads and landing environment to make your campaign effective in your budget.

Vintage IT, PPC management in India has experience your business requires to achieve their goal in minimum possible time.  Our team work hard and delicately round the clock to fulfill the desire of your business success. Continue reading “PPC Management in India”

Digital Marketing Services Company

Digital marketing lets you save your money than other costly medium of advertising such as television, radio and yellow pages. Digital marketing services can boost your leads by allowing to pre-load content and schedule it for sending out the content at key times.

Vintage IT India is a digital marketing services provider company which knows the importance of each customer for you. We help you to make amendments in your website to make it user friendly and SEO friendly to be viewed by maximum number of audience. We have pool of talented marketing agents who works in all aspects to bring your website on the topmost page.

  • Vintage IT India strategizes the valuable data to provide you an idea of the number of people viewing your website in real time. We provide you analytics regarding the viewer’s location, age and interest. You can also get the benefit of acknowledging the source of traffic and website bounce rate. You can know the time spend by the visitors on your site. The real time data analysis helps you to prioritize your traffic channel and increase the effectiveness of your marketing tactics by investing in well performing campaigns.
  • Our marketing experts help in engaging your website by creating an impactful visual content and start promoting it on social media. By social media buyers would be able to learn about products and services. It helps in building better awareness for your brand.
  • Digital marketing helps in having a two-way conversation with customers and leads. We send them an email address to let the customer learn more about your company and make purchases.
  • Digital marketing techniques help in branding your product. We use multiple advertising channels to gather useful data. Our teams create right strategy for your website for navigation. We offer right idea that meets needs of your customers and uses digital platform to understand customer purchase pattern to generate a steady flow of traffic.
  • We prepare strategy which can be equipped on internet connected grid like smartphones, tablets and several other gadgets. It will open new doors of opportunities for reaching bigger markets and reach out to audience belonging to this online grid.
  • We help you to communicate with the target audience by implementing smart tactics like blogging and social media. We will help you gain valuable feedback of your visitors. It will help in targeting the right kind of people and strategize your business in right direction to increase you business.

Use the power of Vintage IT digital marketing services to increase the opportunity and growth for your business.


Develop or reorganize your website and promote your business online to increase your sale.

Your website can get online recognition if you opt for the good Search Engine Optimization services. India is a hub of search engine optimization services which helps in growth of our business irrespective of its scale.

Search Engine optimization services provided by India are preferred globally by small to big industries because of two main advantages. Firstly SEO services provided by them are economical and secondly the firms do not have to compromise with the quality.SEO firms in India are competent in handling almost all types of online marketing project. They use SEO tools and techniques effectively to promote your business and offer the greatest Return on Investment (ROI) for your business. The SEO services in India provide fully optimized site to ensure the maximum number of visitors see it correctly. The greatest advantage of SEO services it rank your website at higher position which results in more visitors and more sales.

Vintage IT have a bunch of SEO professionals who are expert in developing strategy for your website promotion based on keyword research and multi channel marketing services.  We research and study the market to understand what your potential customers is looking for on the search engine. We provide you flexible marketing strategy to develop according to the upcoming changes the algorithm of search engine. The employees work with collaboration with your company and update you timely to let you know the progress of your project. We offer you search engine optimization, video marketing and distribution, Google local business optimization, reputation management, advice on lead nurturing, website compliance and social media marketing. We provide you round the clock marketing services at flexible pricing structure.

Social Media Marketing Services in India

What is Social Media Marketing?

Social media marketing  is the act of creating brand awareness to drive targeted traffic from social media sites which increase brand awareness by allowing people to interact about it. Some of the popular Social sites are Facebook, Twitter, Google Plus, YouTube, Flickr, Delicious, LinkedIn, Pinterest, Stumble upon, Reddit, Foursquare and Viber.

Social Media

Search engines give a lot of importance to social bookmarks, social media sites, social news and Social Apps. It helps in increasing your domain authority and diverts traffic to your sites. You can submit news articles, blogs, contents and users can interact with each other.

Here are some of the benefits of social media marketing:

Free, Niche-Oriented Traffic: – Websites like Digg, StumbleUpon, Delicious, etc. where users can bookmark their favorite URLs and share them publicly to engage them with the content. You will get the benefit of free traffic to your website. The ranking system of social bookmarking bring positive signal from the site which will help in driving targeted traffic.

Cheaper and Better Conversions: Websites like Facebook, Twitter, Google Plus, YouTube, Flickr, etc. are used to share some kind of media (e.g. videos, images, songs, texts, etc.). Paying for social media traffic is cheap and highly targeted as compared to other methods used to drive traffic like PPC, banner ads etc.

Get Higher Ranking on Search Engine: – Campaigning on Facebook, Twitter, Google Plus, etc provide you better result on search engines. Social media sites are given importance by search engine because its main purpose is to provide better result to the user so your rank increases if you post on social media sites.

Better Crawling of Blog: -. You can even promote your old content on it and keep old post relevant and shared on social media. Promoting on social media helps to crawling of traffic to your websites.

Social Brand Awareness: – Social media sites help you to turn your blog into a global brand. It helps in building your blog’s reputation and brings more traffic to your site.

Vintage IT India Post with personal touches to your updates and comments are posted at regular interval of time on different social media websites, social news, social apps and social bookmarking.

Vintage IT digital marketing team share links, images, video related to your product at regular interval to engage user. Keeping eye on social media trends and upcoming news give you competitive advantage. They track the record of your competitor and talk about trending topics to increase your brand awareness. Marketing done for your website will increase your trust and loyalty among your users. We update your profile regularly on social media sites.

Vintage IT India | A Digital Marketing Agency in India

Vintage IT India reach audience who wants to strengthen site’s position on search engine with thought to attain new followers using LinkedIn Sponsored content.

We focus on creating content, communication strategy and social media to widen our area of contact using LinkedIn. Vintage IT India being strategy creator in the area of site designer, developer and SEO marketer uses right technology for audience. We believe communication is most effective if it is easy to understand by audience and impress more audience with right content in simple way.

Digital Marketing Agency in India
Digital Marketing Agency in India

About Us

Vintage IT India (VIT) is a Digital marketing agency in India specializing in Web designing and development, SEO, SEM, Web Analytics, Social media optimization. Vintage IT India found success in business by catering customer with orders both big and small combined with effective scheduling and transparent pricing. We have unparalleled technical skills, effective strategies and innovative ideas to enhance visibility of website. We have team of professional who have made company pride in delivering fast and superior results.

VIT Business Approach

Vintage IT India objective for the marketing campaign is to expand its reach and market to those people who are willing to see their website on topmost position to be viewed by more and more customers. Vintage IT India understands their customers need and respect their feelings for their site and indulge all their requirements in designing, developing or marketing their website aka business.

Vintage IT India develops designs and maintain professional website including essential elements like clarity, usability, scalability and flexibility at affordable price. Vintage IT India provides wide range of website designs and templates for your business. We develop customize website that increases, engagement and conversions by involving a wide range of devices like desktop, smart mobile phones, tablets, etc. Our websites are robust and scalable for e-commerce projects. Vintage IT India develops dynamic website including flash games, presentations, flash chat, screensaver, banners and movies.

Vintage IT India provides complete solution from developing, designing to visualization of your website on search engine to stimulate interest in audience. We provide SEO and social marketing for your site to be navigated by your customer easily.