Social Media Marketing Services in India

What is Social Media Marketing?

Social media marketing  is the act of creating brand awareness to drive targeted traffic from social media sites which increase brand awareness by allowing people to interact about it. Some of the popular Social sites are Facebook, Twitter, Google Plus, YouTube, Flickr, Delicious, LinkedIn, Pinterest, Stumble upon, Reddit, Foursquare and Viber.

Social Media

Search engines give a lot of importance to social bookmarks, social media sites, social news and Social Apps. It helps in increasing your domain authority and diverts traffic to your sites. You can submit news articles, blogs, contents and users can interact with each other.

Here are some of the benefits of social media marketing:

Free, Niche-Oriented Traffic: – Websites like Digg, StumbleUpon, Delicious, etc. where users can bookmark their favorite URLs and share them publicly to engage them with the content. You will get the benefit of free traffic to your website. The ranking system of social bookmarking bring positive signal from the site which will help in driving targeted traffic.

Cheaper and Better Conversions: Websites like Facebook, Twitter, Google Plus, YouTube, Flickr, etc. are used to share some kind of media (e.g. videos, images, songs, texts, etc.). Paying for social media traffic is cheap and highly targeted as compared to other methods used to drive traffic like PPC, banner ads etc.

Get Higher Ranking on Search Engine: – Campaigning on Facebook, Twitter, Google Plus, etc provide you better result on search engines. Social media sites are given importance by search engine because its main purpose is to provide better result to the user so your rank increases if you post on social media sites.

Better Crawling of Blog: -. You can even promote your old content on it and keep old post relevant and shared on social media. Promoting on social media helps to crawling of traffic to your websites.

Social Brand Awareness: – Social media sites help you to turn your blog into a global brand. It helps in building your blog’s reputation and brings more traffic to your site.

Vintage IT India Post with personal touches to your updates and comments are posted at regular interval of time on different social media websites, social news, social apps and social bookmarking.

Vintage IT digital marketing team share links, images, video related to your product at regular interval to engage user. Keeping eye on social media trends and upcoming news give you competitive advantage. They track the record of your competitor and talk about trending topics to increase your brand awareness. Marketing done for your website will increase your trust and loyalty among your users. We update your profile regularly on social media sites.